Sailing Charter For Future Full-Time Sailors – 5 Helpful Factors

A sailing charter for future sailors! The allure of sailing – the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the freedom of the open water – is undeniable. If you’re dreaming of owning a sailboat, you’re not alone. But before setting sail for distance lands or diving into boat ownership, one crucial step can make all the difference: taking a sailing charter.

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A Vacation And A Unique Learning Experience

A charter doesn’t have to be just a fun getaway; it can be a hands-on learning experience designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to own and operate your sailboat confidently. Here’s why it’s so valuable:

  1. Real-World Experience: Unlike classroom courses or reading books, a sailing charter puts you on a boat, dealing with real-world conditions. You’ll learn to handle the vessel, navigate, anchor, and deal with unexpected situations.
  2. Mastering the Systems: Sailboats have complex systems – from sails and rigging to engines and plumbing. A charter allows you to get to know these systems intimately, understand maintenance requirements and troubleshoot problems.
  3. Assessing Your Needs: Chartering different types of cruising sailboats helps you figure out what size, layout, and features best suit your lifestyle and sailing goals. This is invaluable information when it comes time to buy.
  4. Life Aboard: Living aboard a sailboat is a unique experience. A charter gives you a taste of this lifestyle, helping you understand the joys and challenges of living on the water.
  5. Building Confidence: There’s nothing quite like the confidence that comes from successfully handling a boat in various conditions. A charter helps you build this confidence, which is essential for safe and enjoyable sailing.
Sailing Charter For Future Full-Time Sailors - 5 Helpful Factors 5

Choose the Right Sailing Charter

Not all charters are created equal, especially if your goal is to become a boat owner. For example, you won’t want to look for a luxury sailing yacht charter. Instead, you’ll want to consider::

Instructional Focus

  • Liveaboard Courses: Look for charters specifically designed as liveaboard courses. These often provide the most comprehensive instruction, covering everything from basic sailing skills to advanced boat systems and maintenance.
  • Owner Preparation: Some charters specialize in preparing future owners. They’ll focus on the skills you need to confidently manage your own vessel, from anchoring and docking to troubleshooting common problems.

Instructor Credentials

  • Certifications: Ensure the instructors are certified by reputable organizations like the American Sailing Association (ASA) or the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). This demonstrates their expertise and commitment to safety.
  • Experience: Inquire about the instructors’ experience both teaching and sailing. A knowledgeable and passionate instructor can make a world of difference in your learning.

Boat Selection

  • Type of Boat: Consider what type of boat you’re interested in owning. Do you prefer a monohull or a catamaran? Do you want a smaller, more manageable vessel or a larger cruiser? Choosing a charter that features your preferred type of boat allows you to gain experience on the kind of vessel you’ll eventually own.
  • Boat Condition: Ensure the charter boat is well-maintained and equipped with modern safety gear. A safe and comfortable learning environment is essential.

Curriculum and Activities

  • Hands-On Learning: Prioritize charters that emphasize hands-on learning. You should be actively involved in sailing, navigating, docking, anchoring, and working with the boat’s systems.
  • Shoreside Excursions: While the focus should be on sailing, some charters offer shoreside excursions to enhance your experience. These can include exploring local islands, snorkeling, hiking, or enjoying local cuisine.


  • Destination: Choose a destination that aligns with your interests. Do you prefer tropical islands, coastal cruising, or exploring inland waterways?
  • Weather Conditions: Research the weather patterns of your chosen destination during your charter dates. Ensure the conditions are suitable for learning and enjoyable sailing.
  • Group Size: Smaller group sizes often provide more personalized instruction and opportunities for hands-on learning.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select a sailing charter that provides the best experience that perfectly aligns with your goal of becoming a knowledgeable and confident boat owner.

Sailing Charter For Future Full-Time Sailors - 5 Helpful Factors 6

Take the Next Step: Your Sailing Charter Awaits

Ready to turn your dream of owning a sailboat into reality? Start by getting the real-world experience you need. A sailing charter will give you the skills and confidence to be a boat owner and enrich your overall sailing experience.

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