How To Replace A Boat Hatch Seal – It’s Not As Easy As You Think!

If you think the job to replace a boat hatch seal is easy, think again. What looks like a one to two-hour job turned into a six-hour frustrating drama with multiple trips to a workshop and boat store. But we made mistakes. Watch this ten-minute video to avoid the stumbling blocks we ran into so you can save time and avoid the stress we endured.

And keep in mind that you may not have to replace your boat hatch seal right now but it’s highly likely that you’ll have to do one or many at some point. Sure, you can pay someone to do it but the longer you own a boat the more you realize that paying for jobs results in:

  • Mediocre results, at best
  • Less money in your wallet
  • An increasing feeling of helplessness

What’s involved in replacing a boat hatch seal?

In the video, Simon will show you how to remove a hatch, open the hatch frame, take the rubber seal out, replace the seal, put the hatch frame back together, and reattach it back to the boat. By watching our how to replace your boat hatch seal video, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine if it’s worth the time and effort to replace the seal rather than buying a new top hatch
  • Avoid making mistakes between low and medium profile seal options
  • Witness ways to get screws out when they just won’t budge (a good lesson for screws stuck anywhere)
  • Understand why people often put their hands to their head and say, ‘It’s a boat,’ in a frustrated voice
  • Catch some outtakes at the end that show Simon really losing the plot – and interestingly it’s not about the hatch but a noise that I made.

How To Replace A Boat Hatch Seal Video

Resources From The Video & Extra’s You Might Like

  • Impact Driver – a must-have on a boat. Screws easily corrode and become near impossible to simply twist out. Using an impact driver provides the necessary torque required to get the screw started.
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