Handling Boat Life Problems

When it comes to handling boat life problems there’s a special temperament that is required to keep sane. A good friend once told me that if you’re going to own a boat you need to enjoy troubleshooting. If you’re not a good problem solver or lack patience don’t buy a boat.

When creating this video I thought, who wants to watch my husband, Simon, repair a diesel engine fuel injector pump? I suppose only time will tell. Every time I think my videos will bomb they tend to do really good.

That aside, I’m always working towards demonstrating the good and bad of boat life. For those that are interested in taking the leap over to becoming a full-time sailing cruiser, it’s important to get a realistic picture of the lifestyle. Handling boat life problems is vital to making the whole dream work.

Watch the video and get a glimpse into just how complicated things can actually get. Further, learn a few major tips about diesel engine troubleshooting and the issue with shipping things that have fuel residue!

Handling Boat Life Problems Video – A Sailing Britican Update

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